Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Craft Time

I didn't really have a favorite day on vacation. Every day was different because of our schedule and location, but every day was great in a different way.

However, if I did have a favorite day, it would probably be the day closest to my normal life. One day, we were home waiting for a UPS package that never came. So we were confined to our quarters, and that was fantastic. With Erick was home, he and Sophia would play for a while as I cleaned. Or she and I would sit down and read a few books while he caught up on the scores and such. It was possibly the most relaxing of all the relaxing days we had.

The craziest we got was during impromptu craft time.


Sophia and Erick made necklaces and bracelets for each of us - including Lulu, of course. Here they are modeling their work.


A day like this just proves what I've always believed. My life really is my favorite thing.

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