Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Luckily there were three days to this weekend

Saturday was such fun I didn't bring my camera. Sunday, the actual fourth, was just one of those days. There was nothing actually wrong with any of us, but the combination of our beings was enough to make us all just a bit grumpy. Edgy even. So, what a relief that the weekend didn't end there.

The worry after a day like that is that its negative mojo is going to flow into the following days. Next week is our vacation week, so heaven forbid the mojo take out something that precious!!

In order to avoid that disaster, we decided to be very proactive. Instead of sitting around waiting for something to come to us, we got out.

Shelter Gardens is always a good place to shake off the weepies. Well, it is for me anyway. I have a shot of Sophia riding this lion a long time ago. Maybe I'll dig it up some time and compare.


What could add to our unexpected fun like an unexpected family photo! There I was snapping shots when Erick took the camera to get a shot of the ladies. A passerby asked if he could oblige by taking a family shot. I love when that happens (and Sophia doesn't close her eyes).


I got some lovely photos. Maybe that's why I like Shelter Gardens so much. It's just appealing.


Once we got home, we were hot. So.... playing in the hose seemed to be the answer.


In the interest of "real-life" blogging, here's what happens when one gets distracted by trying to photograph a special moment. When one turns one's back, one can never be sure that one will not get sprayed with ice cold water.

Just FYI

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