Tuesday, September 7, 2010

First Day of School!

Today was the day that Sophia started preschool. She was so excited that I couldn't help but be excited for her too! I just hope it lives up to her expectations. Anyway, I got her picture in front of the house, and this is how she looked at me. Definitely hiding her giddiness...

When I told her to show me her lunchbox and a smile, this was the response.

However, here is all the proof I need that her excitement was untempered. Honestly, she didn't hold my hand for a second (but she did look both ways).

So I followed her inside, hung around for a minute or two, hoping for some show of her desperate need for her momma. She allowed me to take the obligatory shot of her. Again with the fake smile.

Then I asked if she was ready for me to go. "Yep!" So, here I sit. Waiting to hear if her hopes were fulfilled. I have a feeling they were. It's a whole new world for my baby girl.

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