Monday, September 13, 2010

Gratuitous Posting

I clicked on "New Post" without having anything in particular to say. It's a dangerous thing, that. We had a very good weekend with a few random and unusual things sprinkled in with the norm. The most random thing I've done lately would have to have been going to a movie with a nearly complete stranger...

A few months ago, I got called in for jury duty. I sat in the jury room and the court room for about nine hours. Then I wasn't chosen. The good thing that came from it was a new friend. A preschool teacher who happened to be chosen for the jury, which served for eight days! Anyway, after that day we said we would have to get together some time. We've been texting and messaging now and then and decided it was finally time to make good. So Friday night, we went to see Going the Distance, with Justin Long and Drew Barrymore. A very cute movie. At first, I was terribly concerned. I was beating myself up for going to a movie with someone I didn't know! I had no idea whether or not she was a movie talker. And at first, it seemed like the answer was going to be yes... This is one of the very few things in life that I cannot abide. Fortunately, the chatter was confined to the previews, so our friendship can continue.

This week will be Sophia's second week of school. She's already excited about going back, and I'm looking forward to the time by myself. Here's to a speedy week full of sunshine and cool breezes!

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