Monday, February 21, 2011

February Redeemed


This weekend did not entirely feel like February. Saturday was chilly but more like a spring chill. Linda and Russ came to visit us this weekend, and that was a huge treat. We all enjoy their company immensely.

We spent most of our time with them here at home hanging out, but we did get out to the Missouri Botanical Gardens. Erick and I have never been there before, but we'll definitely be going back. So much to see and do. They had enough indoor things to keep us busy on a cold day. My favorite was the Temperate House, where I took this picture of Linda and Russ. It felt like a beautiful European garden. A lovely little spot of color and fragrance in the middle of winter.


When Linda and Russ left on Sunday, we had a visit from Paul, Risha, Lilly and Nora. Because the day was so lovely yesterday, we decided to walk to the zoo. It was a perfect day for it. Being at the zoo in short sleeves is another big February treat. The hippos were enjoying the weather, too, so the girls enjoyed watching them. Not gonna lie. The adults may have enjoyed it even more.


While having a snack, Lilly and Sophia walked to see the camels. They hid their crackers from the camels because they had somehow gotten the idea that camels might eat them....


I am always so grateful for these pleasant weekends at a time of the year when we could easily be stuck inside. And to get to share them with people we enjoy so much makes it that much sweeter.

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  1. We (& my brother's family who were visiting) were at the zoo Saturday! And the hippos were busy sleeping underwater...but we all stood there for like 20 minutes! That hippo exhibit is the best! ;-)
    Hopefully catch up with you sometime this week?