Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Inner Hillbilly

Since our trip to Nashville, Erick and I have both rekindled our fondness for country music. We've always enjoyed some George (Strait, NOT Jones) or Willy, but a few years ago, country music just got SOOO irritating with every song being about being from the country and being 'Murican that I couldn't handle it anymore. I'm not opposed to patriotism or being from the country, but I don't need every song to identify the fact that the singer was born and raised on a farm. And drives a truck. And loves dogs.

During the week since our return, it seems better. This morning I heard a song that I immediately didn't like but begrudgingly identified with. Enjoy.


  1. mom's totally going to regret giving you any pictures! love that hillbilly hat, I had one for awhile too.

  2. I really tried your Hillibilly song. I just couldn't finish it. (Side note - Maybe I'm 12 years old, but I also think the whole song might be about sex.)

    I'll take Johnny Cash, young George Strait, Garth and Dolly, but I find difficulty discerning any country song from the last 10 years from any other. I'm glad you're having better luck than I have, b/c there is a small-town, Midwest part of me that misses it. Just a little.

    That said, my current English/Irish folk and singer-songwriter phase isn't that far from Country. Cuzins, maybe? :-)

  3. As long as I don't show up in one I don't mind & I don't think there is one of me in a cowboy hat! But Laurie I love your smile and your stance!