Monday, April 4, 2011

Picnicking Weather

Sunday, it got up to 90 degrees here! It was windy, but magnificent! So we decided to make use of a wedding present (arguably for the first time) and have a picnic in the park. Now that Sophia knows about our picnic basket, we'll be getting a lot of use out of it, I'm certain. When Erick brought it out, she said, "Wow! Fancy!" That's all she needs to say to clue us in that it's a keeper.

So we packed up our lunches and headed to the park. Erick made himself an apparently tasty salad. And, as happens with most of Erick's food, it was tested and devoured by Sophia.

Then, we played a little ball. By the way, she's not going to play t-ball this year. As we looked at the calendar, we're going to miss at least three (probably four) of her eight games. That, combined with her insistence that she made a mistake when she decided to do it, and the offer of the team to refund our money because another kid wanted her spot, made the decision pretty easy. Anyway, she still likes playing baseball with us. She is most definitely the only pitcher I've ever seen who throws with her other hand on her hip...while offering advice.

This one is here just because she's pretty. I like taking pictures so much more in the sunshine!


  1. I still remember watching how quickly Erick's breakfast at The Buc in Oceanside become Sophia's breakfast. She's cute, and crafty. He's really lucky to gets any bites at all.

  2. That is true Niki. You'd think I'd lose some weight with all my food going to Sophia, but alas, I do not.