Monday, April 11, 2011


It seems like I'm only writing about weekends these days. I promise that things are happening during the week! I have actually started a couple of blogs but got distracted. Maybe I'll get around to sharing some other stuff soon.

For now, I'll just tell you about our weekend. As you probably know, it was a summer weekend here. Fantastic. Sophia prefers cool weather for some reason. She has inherited Erick's sweatiness and my red-facedness. The combination makes the heat a little difficult for her to bear, I guess. We had fun in spite of the sweat.

Saturday was spent driving around St. Louis, running a couple of errands and such. The early afternoon we all reclined in the breezy apartment. Then we walked to Sasha's, one of our neighborhood eateries, and ate a late lunch on the patio (in the shade, of course). It was delightfully followed with a stroll around the neighborhood.

Sunday was equally enjoyable. We rode the MetroLink downtown to see my friends Michelle and Emily as they finished the St. Louis Half Marathon. By some stroke of luck, we found them in the throng of 17,000 runners and their families and friends. Then, we went to the City Garden to play. It was the perfect day for it because one of its features is a splash park. Sophia and Erick had a ton of fun getting cool. It's a huge area for a splash park. Perfect for tons of kids!

After getting cool, we wandered around the rest of City Garden looking at and climbing on all the sculptures

and getting our pictures in different spots.

It was a very fun time.

After the ride home, we spent the evening relaxing. Again. At bedtime, Sophia thanked God for a family that has such fun together and "Please help us to always remember how to have fun." Amen.

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