Thursday, February 16, 2012


Occasionally, I have been known to write a few words about grief. Here is a LINK to some of those posts.

I was reading Major Pettigrew's Last Stand, about which I'm undecided as to how much I loved it, and came across this gem. The Major reflects, "This was the dull ache of grief in the real world; more dyspepsia than passion."

Sometimes true, I think, but regardless, I just loved this sentence. Thought I'd share it with you.

Also, just for kicks, my second favorite quote of the book. A young friend of the Major's asks, "But I must ask you, do you really understand what it means to be in love with an unsuitable woman?" To which the Major responds, "My dear boy, is there really any other kind?"

Gotta love the British.


  1. Love the quotes, I resonate with both. Well, I'm not in love with an unsuitable woman, but I think I'm rather an unsuitable woman to be in love with.

  2. Casey, I identified with them too. A suitable woman probably wouldn't be much fun to love anyhow...

    Mom, overall, it was a good book, but these two were the best parts. Sorry to spoil the gems. :)