Monday, February 6, 2012

A Weekend of Family Fun

Saturday, we were so excited that David and Casey and the boys came to visit us. Four kids in one apartment can be a bit much, so the zoo is always a good place to spend energy. But, rainy as it was, we were inside. And it was so much fun. I'm glad that we didn't have to go out and wander around the zoo. We just got to stay inside and hang out. With a quick walk to the candy store, of course. All three of us were sad to see them go, but only one of us was reduced to fits of weeping. The one who likes to stand at the mirror and watch herself cry. Not me.

Yesterday, the sun came out. Still windy, but we had a great time wandering around Forest Park. This spring is going to be a good one with Sophia's bike. She's finally realized how much fun it can be!

The Super Bowl was a bit anticlimactic, to be honest. I was drowsy, and Sophia was cleaning (yes). But the weekend over all gets an A+.

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  1. double-dipped, dark chocolate, malted milk balls. Mmmmmmmm...