Sunday, May 19, 2013

Adventure in Illinois

Today was Kids Day at Cahokia Mounds across the river. It was hot, but pinch pots and dancing got Sophia to stay outside in spite of her natural aversion to the heat.

I really love this place every time we make it. So fascinating to connect with a culture so different to our own that only lives on through archaeology.

Sophia got to make a t-shirt with animal tracks and what not on it.

A pinch pot just like the Mississippians used to make, complete with etched mountains.

The coolest thing they let the kids do was spear throwing. The tool she's holding is a spear flicker (my term) to give leverage. The spear itself is in the top right corner. Straight at the turkey...

The dancers were a close second.

As we left Cahokia Mounds, we decided to stay in Illinois and head up the river to Alton. On the way, we discovered a Lewis and Clark Historic Site! I had no idea it was over there, but I highly recommend it on a weekend with nothing going on. They have a fort built as a replica of the winter camp of the Expedition at the River Dubois.

Inside the very modern Visitor's Center is this boat that shows how they would have packed and sailed during the journey. The whole center is full of information and well done exhibits.

We did make it to Alton, but all the little shops were closed. We were lucky enough to find a bakery open. We took advantage of that little find...

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