Thursday, May 16, 2013

Kindergarten Field Trip

That is way more fun than it sounds. Honestly, the threat of rain just made these kids so giddy and grateful to get to be on their field trip that they were all a complete joy to be around today.

I was thrilled to get to walk around the Botanical Gardens and see as much as we possibly could in our 90 minute walk.

It's been a challenging week for Sophia relationally. She's been figuratively stuck between these two, but at least for the day, they were happy to be a trio.

After the garden, we had a picnic and play time at Forest Park.

These are the kids that Sophia has spent her year with. Getting it together so I don't cry. They are amazing. And Sophia has her mouth going. So the picture is perfect...

Even with all the excitement of the field trip, all the kids were primarily excited about the bus ride. Captain is clearly a neighborhood school... School buses are still the coolest.

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