Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Changes around here

As you can see below, Sophia is going to start adding some posts to this blog.

She wanted her own, but this is our compromise. This is a safe place for her to share some of her thoughts and stories. I won't let her post more than once a day. I am not going to edit her posts even a tiny bit, although of course I'll help her with posting pictures and such. As a precaution, I am going to disable comments on her posts.

We'll see how this experiment pans out. I have no doubt that it will be entertaining. At the very least, it will be writing and typing practice for the three days that she sticks with it...


  1. I kind of did a double take on the prior post. I figured, but you never know, could be late-night-drunk blogging, or Lulu really came to life...

  2. My late-night-drunk posts never get published.

    Lulu coming to life would certainly be an education for all of us.