Thursday, December 26, 2013

Holiday Heydays - by LJ

The night of Christmas is always bizarre. Is it just for me? It's just like the any other time that something you've waited and watched for comes to pass. It's a strange adjustment back to normal life. Not waiting. Just living. 

Christmas Eve, on the other hand, is my favorite night of the year. All that built up energy and excitement. Just ready to boil over. Santa to think of. Presents to wrap and present. 

Sophia put out Santa's snack in her cute little Christmas jammies. So excited to see what the morning might bring.

None of us were disappointed. I'm just posting this picture because he's so cute. The only thing Christmas brought him in this picture is the sweater. I love it. So cozy. It's going to be tempting to to commandeer it, but I won't.

We got Sophia this pogo stick. She said it was her favorite present, besides the doll bed that Santa brought her. I was happy that we had a reason to get outside on Christmas. After our nap, of course.

Another of her presents was a gift card to the American Girl store here in St. Louis. She has one American Girl doll and one Target version, but she has never been to the store. Her doll got a new hairdo. They have a salon. For the dolls.

That's just a smattering of what we have done so far this break. The majority of the rest of the time has been divided between seeing family and lying around in pjs. Happy holidays for us!!

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