Tuesday, December 3, 2013

First Grade Basketball

There is something that I've been getting more and more okay with as the school year goes by. First graders just don't have the "Awww" factor that Kindergartners (and younger kids) do. Of course they're awesome. No debating that. They're learning and stretching their minds and their wills and doing incredible things! They're awe inspiring more than aww inspiring.

But here's the thing. Last night, Sophia went to her first basketball practice with her team of first grade girls. I have not seen this much cuteness in one room all year.

These girls are so excited! So serious. Determined. Happy. Attentive. They have such a desire to please, improve, excel and dribble that damn ball.


I just don't know how to describe these girls. Or explain why it was so cute. They're not even unskilled. They're just cute. Really, really cute.

Saturday, they're naming their team. That will be entertaining. Sophia's preference is the Dragons. Why? I don't know.

Plus, she seems pretty pumped about having a "coach." Of course she loves having a new adult in her life. When we got home, "Should I call him 'Coach,' or should I call him by his name?"


  1. How delightful that she is playing basketball with friends. Love the attitude in this post. Cute cannot be overused when describing little girls learning basketball.