Wednesday, May 7, 2014


Last weekend was packed full of family, friends and celebrations. This weekend will be more of the same - only different. Sophia and I went to Columbia for a quick visit. Our main reason for choosing the weekend was to celebrate the impending (sounds ominous) arrival of a baby girl into the family of some great friends. 

This little girl is going to be so loved and well taken care of. She's also going to be cute. I cannot wait to meet her. Sophia's excited about it, too. 

At the baby shower, Sophia was befriended by an adorable and charming little girl. The two of them had a wonderful time walking that delicate sparkly line between being girly and being wacky.

I was so happy to get to celebrate with my friend. I could not be happier for them to get to start this new book (too big to be a chapter) in their lives.

At some point in the celebration, I got a little distracted by my own feelings. Maybe because we're reaching the end of another school year. Maybe because Sophia made me tell her the story of her baby shower. Maybe just because thinking about my friend mothering a daughter makes me think about my own daughter. Whatever the reason, I just couldn't help but be a little distracted by my gratitude for my own girl.

I love her to distraction.

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