Tuesday, May 13, 2014


Sunday was a lovely day. One of many lovely days we've had this spring. My family was nice enough to let me choose what to do with our day, so I chose to go for a hike. I was surprised to find (on Facebook) just how many moms chose hiking for their day. I wonder what that says about us.

Anyhow, Sophia was happy with my choice because she has recently become the owner of a Scat, Tracks and Signs book to help us determine what wildlife we might be near.

We stopped at ever poop pile and hoof/paw print to analyze it. Pretty sure there are coyotes out at Howell Island Conservation Area. I know that because we found some poop. 

I'm also sure there's a fawn in the woods there because we found just the cutest little hoof print. I did not point out to Sophia that we should hope they stay on opposite sides of the woods...

The binoculars were a good idea, but not great in practice. But she's just so cute using them that I keep recommending it.

It really was a beautiful day to enjoy nature together as a family. I'm grateful, as always, for my allies in adventuring.

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