Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Ice skating adventure - by Sophia Creach

About a week ago I went ice skating for the first time with one of my best friends. I know my mom only talked about me falling on my butt but some parts weren't as pleasant... I took a big header into the ice. It hurt but not for that long. I'm not saying it wasn't painful, but every good ice skater needs a hard fall every now and then,right? My dad says I usually take the biggest fall on my first time. I'm a first time faller I say. My friends dad gave me a dollar coin. I got chili cheese fritos. One time when I fell. This time on my butt. My mom tried to help me up... I still couldn't get up! It was so, so, so funny. It took me at least two minutes to get up. I finally just scooted to wall so I could pull myself up.  

By Sophia Creach