Monday, January 26, 2015

Winter Sport

Yesterday was a drizzly, chilly day. Not the ideal day for one's (or three's) first time ice skating. Still, we had postponed ice skating with friends at least three other times for various reasons. We weren't going to let a little drizzle get in our way this time.

Erick, Sophia and I were all complete newbies on the ice. Overall, I'd say our first time was a huge success.

The grownups managed not to fall down even once. And Sophia's falls were almost entirely on her butt, so that's a win. I was very proud of her. New things are definitely not her favorite things, especially when pain is a potential outcome. She kept at it in spite of being soaked and exhausted and improved quite a bit!

Having some friends with us didn't hurt at all. We discovered that standing close together is not necessarily a good idea for stability.

This was a common look on Sophia's face.

Erick opted to be photographed alone and avoid his flailing companions. Wise, wise man that he is. 

Turns out, I'm a fan of ice skating, as I am of most outdoor activities. I look forward to a time when I can stray more than a few feet away from Sophia and try a little speed. I have a feeling that when that happens, I won't be able to claim a completely upright victory. But a little fall now and then can be a good thing. It happens often enough to me that I know how to tuck and roll.

Don't worry, Mom, I'll be careful.

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  1. Looks like fun and Thank You!