Monday, March 2, 2015

First Sledding on Art Hill

Now that we've been, it's hard to believe that it took us until our fifth winter here to sled down Art Hill. We used all the usual excuses of crowds and cold, not to mention the fact that we have a more than passable sledding hill at the bottom of our street.

It's true that it was crowded. More than a little crowded. It was packed. Heaving with kids, teens and adults at some stage of getting up the courage either to push off down the hill or make the long trek back. That's the thing about a long hill. It's a lot of fun until you're walking up.

As soon as we arrived, Sophia hopped on and took off down the hill. We shouted after her the reminders of "Roll off if you're about to hit someone!" She made it just fine.

Then we took turns joining her on the sled. I loved going down that hill so much! It really is a test of skill and courage to weave between the crowds and the sleds, dodging and twisting. It's even more fun if you can still have some speed built up when you hit the hay bales at the bottom.

I still love our neighborhood hill. We will definitely spend most of our sledding time there, where we are free to stop in the middle and throw snowballs or wrestle. But I don't plan on letting another winter pass by without taking part in this exhilarating St. Louis tradition. 

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