Wednesday, March 25, 2015

NOLA Knockdown

This is the Jackson square - in my opinion one of the most beautiful places in new orleans next to the the foggy river and the very beautiful colored buildings, which I got to see in person. Like I said one of the most beautiful places in new orleans. I love new orleans so much. There is a beautiful line of shops right by the back gate of the Jackson square. In front of the Jackson square where this picture was taken on the steps. There is a dance group that performs there call the Master Dragon Showcase. They are what they call an acrobatic break dancing group. If you donate $ 20.00 they will give you a DVD of them performing. It was pretty cool.

You know new orleans just makes you so happy you have to smile. BIG! I mean real big. So big it makes the person next to you laugh, and trust me it will spread from face to face. And if you see it happen it will make you smile even bigger.

NOLA has so much to offer. Like great food, big parks, nice people and an aquarium. Great job new orleans. How can you get any better. Guess what the aquarium has in it SHARKS! This shark is a sand tiger shark with super sharp teeth. There were people in there cleaning the tank. Well actually there was only one person cleaning the tank. The two others had colored sticks to poke the fish and sharks away from the person cleaning so she wouldn't get hurt.

So much good food in new orleans. But the menu at ernst cafe really surprised me. I will bet you think this is chicken but it is not. Guess again. Yes you are right it is alligator. It was surprisingly delicious.

See isn't the river beautiful? Well I think it is one of the most beautiful things in new orleans. I love the way the clouds look so close to the water.

I hope you get to experience the wonders of new orleans like I did.

Written by
Sophia Monroe Creach