Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Giving us a workout

Since Sophia has learned to ride a bike, it's pretty much all she wants to do. We have spent pretty much any afternoon that is decent enough on the trails with her bike. Erick and I have both been without bikes for years because while Sophia didn't know how to ride it wasn't something we could do very often. 

All that is going to have to change. Even though she's a beginner, she is fast. Erick and I are both completely worn out from following her around Forest Park on foot. The picture below was taken at the end of a couple of hours of riding for Sophia and walking for us. Erick actually won this race because Sophia was so exhausted from all the peddling, and the little grade in this hill was enough to do her in.

So, if you have a bike you love, let us know what kind it is. If you have a bike you never ride, let us know how much you want for it. 

1 comment:

  1. Where will you keep the bikes? The basement storage area has room, I guess? My only suggestion about buying a bike is don't buy new!