Tuesday, November 24, 2015


Hi this is Sophia. I am super exited. Today is Tuesday, and I don't have school the rest of the week! In two days it will be Thanksgiving. I am thankful for being able to write on this blog. I am thankful for the food I get every day, the toys I have to play with. I am thankful for challenges and fears I have had to face, my family, my friends, the opportunity to live in this amazing world. I wonder what you are thankful for. A while ago I got a awesome new toy. It was a programable robot. I named it Chuck. I thought that was a really cool name. Tonight I just made up a comic book. It is called Arthur and Max. Max is a dog and he can talk. Arthur is Max's owner. Arthur is a little boy. Him and Max have lots of fun together. That is the base story of Arthur and Max. This week end I did a lot of cooking. I made two desserts and didn't use a recipe for ether one. That is what has happened to me in the last week.