Sunday, November 15, 2015

My Weekend Take 2

Hi, this is Sophia. So I am basically going to respond to myself. So the U.S. did win the soccer game.(6 to 1) Then the next day I went to my cousins house for the night. I slept the whole night perfectly. I had so much fun! I played Xbox and dart guns. We watched my oldest cousin, in that family, play soccer. From what I heard his team did extremely well. They played  3 games and I went  to 2. The dog that they got was amazingly cute, and unbelievably entertaining. He was kida sorta really clumsy. He wanted to play with my dog so bad, but my dog just wasn't wanting to. I am not sure, but I think my cousins dog ate my dogs food. But he was so adorable and energetic, it just amazed me. I never knew that a dog could be energetic, clumsy and adorable all at the same time. But he was.