Monday, May 9, 2016

Girl Scout Camping Trip

Friday evening, Sophia and I had an adventure with her friends and mine, since many of them overlap with the Girl Scout troop that she joined this year.

These particular moms, myself included, are not necessarily fans of roughing it. So, when the girls insisted on taking a camping trip this year, we compromised with an overnight stay at Shaw Nature Reserve, basically at a retreat center. A huge cabin is where we spent the night, and a lovely community building is where we our (two) meals.

Regardless, the girls had a lovely time. None of them had expectations of a tent, so that's a relief. All they wanted was some uninterrupted play time and s'mores. These things they got.

I snapped this picture before they shot off into all different directions, and they look so sweet!

After completing some nature activities that kept them busy until the pizza came. Yes, we ordered pizza. We had dinner and started the all-important fire. 

S'mores and storytelling rounded out the fire pit time, followed by a quick game of Ghost in the Graveyard - a stylized version of pitch black tag.

Then I tucked Sophia into her bunk, which I ended up having to climb into to help her to sleep about an hour or two later - after my own drama with a mouse. I'll save that for another time.

Anyway, some sleep was had, though not much. Then the girls got to work on our breakfast in this very rustic kitchen...

All to be topped off with a hike through nature being recorded by my little filmmaker.

It was a very fun time, and it really made me appreciate those moments with Sophia and our friends. No distractions, just each other and nature. It was a great way to kick off Mother's Day weekend for us. I love getting to share these experiences with her. I might even be willing to try a tent next time.

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