Monday, May 9, 2016


Hey this is Sophia. I am going to also be telling you about my camping trip. It was lots of fun. Yes we ordered pizza, but it was in a kitchen house thing. The only problem was the bugs. We saw everything from beetles to June bugs. All of us are such city kids, that every time we saw a bug you could always count on one of us screaming. So in my mind the only way to stop this was to stomp on the bug. Well it kinda worked. But when I did everyone screamed louder. Then they told me I was the grossest person ever to walk in the cabin, but in the long run, it stopped them from screaming. So I said. " As long as it keeps you from puncturing my ear drums, then I will do it." The beds were somewhat comfortable. But limited, very limited sleep was gained. The adults had a little run in with a mouse that night. The camp fire was very enjoyable. I heard a lot of stories. But none were very scary.