Monday, May 23, 2016

Third Grade is Almost Over!

 Third grade has not been the best year at Captain. Now, that's not to say it's been bad. The first three years were each special in their own way. This year has been one for significant growth for Sophia, but it's not one that will go down as "special." Nothing more needs to be said about that at the moment.

The end of the year is always jam packed with extra things. Most of these things end up being my favorite things from the year, and that is still true.

One day last week, all the third graders gave presentations on a country or countries of their choice. I say countries, but only one third grader chose to do two - that would be Sophia. There are some conflicting reports about why she chose to do two, but it comes down to excitement and words. She has them both.

As a matter of fact, she didn't do a report on Kenya as she originally planned; however, she says she'd like to spend some of her free time researching it because it seems cool.

Her choices were Argentina and Venezuela. Here, Erick's holding the 13-page book that Sophia wrote about these countries. We were so proud to get to see the result of all her hard work. It really was a big project, and she threw herself into it.

Then there's field day. It's really and truly one of my favorite days every year. Maybe I'm reminded of the day Erick and I noticed each other as 16-year-olds, or maybe it's just that the excitement of the kids is catching. Regardless, I love it. My job this year was to take pictures of the kids. I had so much fun doing it. Here's Sophia with a few of her fellow "Brick Breakers."

And here she is showing off her skills as an egg carrier. She thought it was funny that she holds her mouth like that when she's concentrating. I think it's cute. Also, I'm doing it right now as I type. Sometimes, she really is like me.

The end of this year also brings the end to my administration as the PTO president. I may have more to say about that later, but for now I need to buy stuff for the end of year picnic...

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