Saturday, May 20, 2017

Captain Tradition

Every year, the Captain fourth and fifth grade chorus sings either the National Anthem or God Bless America at the beginning of a Cardinals game. We have been to the game to hang out with our school friends most years, but this was Sophia's first year to get onto the field herself. They sang God Bless America and did an amazing job. Sophia was little nervous. She was more nervous about getting back  to her seat than singing the song, but the music teacher has yet to lose a kid on this trip.

I'm putting this picture here because I love it so much. These two people are just the absolute best. And they are at their happiest at a Cardinals game. So I had to take advantage of that.

I am deeply in debt to our friend who taught Sophia to keep score. She always prefers to watch the game to talking or playing, but now she is fully engaged in each play. Far more than I am.

The hardest part for me to believe is that she only has one more year of this tradition. I hate this growing up thing. It really puts a different twist on things. 

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