Thursday, May 11, 2017

Fishy Field Trip

In fourth grade, Clayton kids get to go fishing in Forest Park. Here's the key. There is one little set of ponds that are not open for public fishing - just fishing by school groups and such - because they stock these ponds with countless fish to ensure these kids have a positive experience.

Sophia's group of five girls caught (and released) probably fourteen fish - bluegill and sunfish, but still! It was quite exciting for them. It was messy work for me and the dad that was with our group because we had to take them all off the hooks. Actually, that's not completely accurate. If I held it still, Sophia would take the hook out of its mouth. And on the final fish, she did the entire thing by herself!

It was a great time. A gorgeous day in Forest Park to hang out with some sweet little girls. I never forget how lucky I am.

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