Sunday, December 27, 2009

In a Nutshell

It's been a great few days. The best part is that Erick is still home tomorrow, so it's just like my Saturday! Yippee! So here's an idea of what our days and our Christmas were full of...

Christmas Eve was our day with Grandmary. Presents, food, church. A very full day and a great time!


We almost forgot to put out a snack for Santa, but Erick remembered at the last minute. We didn't have any decorated cookies, so we decided he'd probably like a salty snack after all. Pretzels and milk, anyone?


Sophia woke up with lots of excitement on Christmas Day. Santa had brought the Little Pet Shop sheep that she had been talking about and hoping would come from Santa all along. He also brought a few other pets and a vet clinic to keep them healthy. I really think that was all her favorite part because it came from Santa.


We bought her several more things. Nothing huge this year. I came across this cardboard castle that you can color on. It's been a big hit and has become home to all of her princesses, big and small. Erick only had a little trouble putting it together. She's waiting so patiently.


The other thing she'd been asking about for weeks was SNOW! Sure enough. Santa brought her that, too...


Before nap, we headed to the movies to see Disney's Princess and the Frog. I highly recommend it. There were a few scary parts, but she worked through it. The New Orleans scenes were fun for Erick and me. That was a really great part of our day. Maybe my favorite.


Our trip to Illinois made for a long day, especially with the winter mix coming down and already on the roads. Of course it's always worth it to see family at Christmas. Henri really enjoyed all the activity around him. Here he is with Great-aunt Amy. (Don't know why I had to add the great. Just thought it would be fun...)


Sophia got some books from Granny for Christmas. Mr. Willoughby's Christmas Tree was one of them. It's my very favorite Christmas book. How lucky for me....


After the trip back in the van yesterday, I was very willing to get out today and stretch my legs. With a little extra snow on the ground, we thought we'd try for a snowman. With the cold temps and powdery snow, this was the best we could do....


Then I shoveled. And asked Erick to take my picture. Who knows why.


That was still a lot of words, but it's been a big few days! Hope everyone has had a lovely Christmas.


  1. Aww what a sweet baby girl...uhem big girl Sophia is ...lucky to still have Granny to visit...Illinois was good to us with the white Christmas wish