Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Sometimes I...

...look at Sophia and catch my breath. I'm not sure if she just transformed in the moment or if she's been this grown up for a while.

Sometimes when she says, "Hey, Mommy! Look at me!" and she just wants me to notice her super jump or practiced twirl, I can't help but think that what she really wants is for me to capture that moment in my mind's eye. I hear "Mom, you better watch me. I'll only need your attention a little longer."

It's certainly no surprise, and I know that I am not the first mother to get sentimental at Christmas. That's just what it is. Christmas is a compilation of memories. Mine and yours and everyone else's. Sometimes we're trying to recreate the perfect one as brand new, or maybe we just want to retell it. Or maybe we allow it to remain a pleasant thought that stays quietly in the corner of our picture of Christmas - right next to the hearth.

Becoming a parent magnified those special moments to a surprising level. The moments that I've always experienced are infinitely more tender and meaningful.

Here is Sophia's first Christmas at Granny's.

Here she is just being a goon at home when she was one.

And here's a great Christmas memory at Silver Dollar City.

Don't be fooled. Even though being a parent is what has magnified my enjoyment of Christmas, I still treasure the Christmas memories that Erick and I make every year. Sophia is more fun to watch at Christmas, it's true, but Erick is still my favorite part of that and every season.


Pardon my sentimental ramblings. I managed to do so without sharing any of my favorites. Maybe I'll get around to that, although it's not really necessary, is it? Hope the holidays have created some new and treasured moments for all of you.


  1. I love Christmastime & am always a bit sad after it's all over. So many memories ARE made during this holiday. This year, during our great Christmas Day at home, we watched Christmases past, back to when I was VERY pregnant with Cami. It's so fun to see how they grow & change from year to year.

    With my mom, grandparents & other family members gone, I definitely get nostalgic, wishing for the memories of my childhood Christmases to remain clearer in my mind than they are most days. When a good memory comes to the forefront, it's like a "God-kiss" (as Elsa would say) and I cherish it. Another "God-kiss"...I overheard my cousin, Lindsay, telling a story about her Aunt Jody to the girls so I'm glad I have my dad, aunts & uncles & cousins who share memories as well.

    Sorry for the ramble, but just wanted to say I share in your sentiments about Christmas. :)

  2. Happy New Year! I love your sentimental posts and the progressional christmas pictures of Sophia. She is a beautiful little girl.
    thanks for visiting my blog and commenting, it means a lot.

  3. My Christmas was more glorious because the grandbabies were here:) Plus the newlyweds were in and out too so it was perfect!! Don't know when it will ever be so good again...maybe next year?