Friday, December 4, 2009

Just a Quick Howdy Do

I've been sick for a couple days. Just the gunk making itself known. I'm feeling better today. Still grumpy. Poor Sophia. And I still have unearthly amounts of snot. Just so you know.

In about an hour, Erick and I are headed to St. Louis to again enjoy the stylings of The Swell Season. This is our second year. You can catch up on our last trip at THIS POST. Same venue. Same concert buddies, add our neighbors the Grays. We're all driving separately and have different plans, but the concert will be fun.

My mom and dad are coming to spend the night and morning with Sophia (after Casey puts her to bed). When we return, we'll have Christmas with my parents. Sophia is terribly excited, but so am I. The evening will be capped off by seeing The Nutcracker Ballet. That blog is HERE. Again, we did this last year, but it wasn't on the same weekend.

So, big plans. Hopefully I can manage to not sneeze and snort through the whole weekend... Updates will come as I manage.

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