Friday, May 14, 2010

Lucky for me...

...I don't mind talking to strangers.

Sophia and I buzzed around town this morning. Went to some garage sales, Macy's, the grocery store, downtown. We were busy girls. I set out a t-shirt and shorts for her to wear on our outing. The shirt was acceptable, but the rest of her outfit apparently needed some tweaking.

Being this kid's mom would be an introvert's nightmare. on Twitpic
(I took this on my phone. Click to see larger)

As we went here and there, Sophia got a few, "Love the hat!"s and more than a handful of chuckles and references to the diva, princess or "star." At one point in Macy's, the guy who was helping us out raved about her style then asked, "Did you pick out your outfit this morning?" Sophia didn't answer. **She only looked over her sunglasses and lifted her hat with her index finger. She made eye contact with him with eyebrows raised, and she let her hat back down.** He and I were speechless. I actually blushed. Finally, I shrugged as he laughed and said, "She doesn't get that from you?" Nope. In that moment, she surpassed any need for my involvement in her conversations with the public.

That brings me to my point. As we walked around and garnered attention from the young, old and in between, I thought about how stressed I would be if I were in introvert. I enjoy talking with lots of people, and Sophia does too. She's always quick with a "Thanks!" when someone compliments her style, so at least I don't have to intervene. Still, enough people want to connect with the spectacle's mother that it's a good thing I don't mind talking with strangers.

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  1. This picture makes me smile every time I see it!