Saturday, May 1, 2010

More Goodbyes

This morning, Brian, Janelle, Blake and Madilyn got on the road for Seattle. They are headed off to start a brand new adventure as a family, and I imagine they'll have some pretty big personal adventures, too. I am so excited for them to make this huge step towards a very long awaited goal. Of course there is no denying that our family is greatly going to miss theirs.


I won't attempt to share how much they've meant to us in the relatively short time we were part of each others lives, but we did make some pretty cool memories. I'm also really excited to make some new ones on our trips to Seattle.


Anyway, I'm clearly feeling sentimental. Life is an interesting series of comings and goings. No matter how far away the Chandlers get from our city, they will always be an essential part of our community...
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  1. Agreed & well said! Miss them already!

  2. The feelings are mutual. So glad our paths crossed - can't wait for them to cross again!