Friday, May 7, 2010

Many Hats; One Head

For the weeks following Easter, Sophia nearly wore that dress out. She put it on almost every day, whether she was planning to be home, at the park, in the dirt, no matter. I decided to let that happen with the hope that she would get over it. She has, for the most part, gotten over that.

The current phase is - accessorizing - bracelets, necklaces, makeup, heels and hats. Lots of hats.

This hat has seen better days, but she pulled it out one day in order to be a farmer. The rubber boots behind her in this picture had been on her most of the day. Then she decided they weren't fancy enough. So she became a farmer in heels...


Today, Sophia decided she wanted to look like me, so she started with my hat. It's a hat from a winery that we visited on our first trip to California. I fully recognize the irony in allowing my preschooler to support a vineyard. But I just view it as supporting agriculture.

Maybe I do that when I fix my hair, too, I'm not sure.


While we were at the gym this morning, my friend Michelle returned Sophia's crown, which had been left at their house in a moment of dreadful oversight. It was immediately set in its rightful place. (Notice the necklace? It's mine too...)

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