Monday, August 20, 2012

The Muny

I uploaded the pictures from my phone this morning, and came across a few from the weekend after my birthday. Erick, Sophia and I made another trip to The Muny to see The King and I. She hadn't been too sure about going to see this show, as it's not specifically written for kids. I had to show her a couple of youtube clips of some of the songs in order to let her know that it was entertaining. Per usual, she got dressed appropriately for the theater.
This time, we brought along some binoculars. We always sit in the $10 seats, so the faces are anything but clear. The binoculars did help a little. In this picture, however, the show had not yet started. She was just doing a bang-up job of people watching.
She loved the show, although she was not convinced that she should be watching a show so violent in nature. At the end, when the king had died, among other characters, she said, "So what's with all the death in The King and I." I had to concede that point. But she did really enjoy the dancing and such. She may not trust my judgment for a while, though. Her souvenir for the night was a little notepad and pen. She loves taking notes. While we were at the zoo the next day, she would stop, sit and write for a while before we could move on to the next exhibit.

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