Saturday, August 11, 2012

There she goes

I remember the first time I saw this picture of Sophia in her yellow dress dragging Lulu along. Walking away as all girls must. With three days till Kindergarten, I'm familiar with the feeling this picture brings. When I think about Sophia going to school, I can't say that I'm sad, but I could say that I am definitely sentimental. According to Webster, sentimental is "marked or governed by feeling, sensibility, or emotional idealism." Accurate in my case. I've been reflecting on the nearly six years that I've had with Sophia mostly to myself. Right now, I'm just focusing on how fantastic it's been. We've had some crazy good times during our days together. I am confident that her ability to entertain will come in handy in school... Of course, she's been to school before, mind you. Every experience that she has had with school, or organized learning of any sort, has been a highlight for her. Of course, first day of school pictures may not be easy. One thing I know for sure is that Sophia is ready for this step. She's everything that a teacher could hope for. Eager to please and ready to be instructed. She's everything a classmate will need. Kind and interested, helpful when needed. Most of all, she's everything that we could wish for. Excited to move on to the next thing but insistent that we enjoy it with her. I cannot wait to see where this girl is headed.

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