Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Sometimes I...

...forget about the blog. There. I said it. Did it hurt? I hope not. Since you never comment, I assume that I am, in fact, writing this for myself. That sounded bitchy, but it wasn't meant that way. It actually has nothing at all to do with the fact that you don't comment. I write this for myself regardless. Anyway, nine days has passed since the last post. We are in full swing Kindergarten mode. It is pretty awesome. As every parent has promised, Sophia has been very tired. It's amazing just how tired. So, Erick and I have been battling that by being completely present with her while she's present with us. That seems to work like a charm while we can focus. As soon as we get distracted or give in to the tiredness ourselves, it all goes south in a handbasket. Sophia loves school. No surprise there. She eats up the direction and the structure, which she has never had the privilege of experiencing at home. And that, above all other reasons, is why I would never home school. Oh, today was supposed to be a school day? Oops. So, that leads to a post that I will write at some point that describes my days at home by myself. I'm trying to artificially place structure in my daily life, and it has met with a moderate success. My goal has been structure by September, but that's next week. All right. So next week, I'll let you know what my structure looks like. Or I won't. That's the joy of being me.


  1. As you've heard since Sophia was born - enjoy these moments because they pass so quickly. I remember so clearly Tracey Lee getting on that big yellow bus early in the morning & then being so anxious for her to get home at noon - and that was 24 years ago before all day Kindergarten. Now, she has a little girl who will start this process in just 4 short years. We enjoy your posts so much. Patty S.

    1. You are so sweet, Patty! Yes, I know that I need to live in and enjoy these moments with Sophia. The reminder is always helpful, especially when we're sleepy. :) I really was kidding about the comments, but thank you for yours!!