Friday, February 1, 2013

A Memory for the Wall

Just before Christmas, Sophia's school had a fundraising auction, and I purchased a "Family Masterpiece" session from ArtMart. Essentially, you get to choose a style of painting based on number of people (3) and age of children (6). These factors set us up perfectly for the Jackson Pollock style of painting. And it was SO much fun!

Armed with squirt bottles, cups full of paint, brushes, eye droppers and even a super soaker, we got to turn a blank canvas into our own masterpiece.

All three of us enjoyed the process from start to finish.

Sophia particularly enjoyed the squirt bottles of yellow and red. For a while, our painting resembled a hot dog.

We got a bit dirty, but it was entirely worth it.

The canvas is on here somewhere...

This is what it looks like dry and in our dining room. Beautiful! It was a memory that we'll always cherish -- unless someone offers us a fortune.

I highly recommend the experience to anyone. Yes, we probably could set up the same experience on our own, but it wouldn't have helped out Sophia's school and, more importantly, I would have had to clean up that mess!