Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Long Weekend Flies By

"Long Weekend Flies By" would be the headline if this were a newspaper.

Sophia had both Friday and Monday off, but it hardly felt like we had more time than two days. On Friday, she and I spent a little time at the Science Center. There is a temporary exhibit about saving endangered animals and their habitats. Sophia had on this turtle shell at the exhibit for about half a second. The above face is how she responded when I said, "Look turtley."

The rest of our weekend flew by because my parents were up for a visit. We found just the right balance between seeing and doing fun stuff and laying around the house.

Even though it was too cold to do any of the fun outdoor activities that St. Louis has to offer, we soaked up the sun in our living room, while Mom crocheted and Sophia sewed. Craftiness apparently skipped a generation.

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