Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Same Thing

Still caught up in Diamond of the Week here in the Creach house. Sophia has been very excited about being the center of attention. She said pretty much that on the first day. I asked what her favorite part was about being Diamond of the Week on that day, and she said, "Well, I had the attention of all those people." Those people being her fellow Kindergartners...

The week has kept giving in the attention part. Here are two of my favorite things about the Diamond of the Week phenom. Of course, all of you parents out there have had similar experiences, although I think it's normally called Star of the Week and such. Still, this is my one turn at being the parent of the center of attention. So I'm going to share.

Here's the poster that is on the door all week.

She obviously captioned all the pictures. "I am on my cousins" for the one with Aaron and William. "I love my friends" for the one with Blake and Madilyn. She picked the pictures out of twenty or so that I narrowed down.

The other favorite thing is this book.

Every one of the kids in Sophia's class draws a picture and tells a story about one of their favorite memories with Sophia. And each and every one ends with (at Mrs. Wilson's direction, of course) "Sophia is my friend."

I just love this tradition. I figured it would be right up Sophia's alley, and it is. I captured her second read-through since she's been home. There have been several Diamonds of the week so far, and she could remember what she wrote for their books, too. She already has a good one in mind for Emery's book next week. I was just as happy that she takes it seriously for her friends (and she says that even when she's not forced), and not just when it's her turn.

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  1. I never got to do this in school. We should start this practice in the office...