Sunday, March 3, 2013

Cure for Cabin Fever

It looks like we may get some spring temperatures next weekend, but we couldn't wait till then to get out of the apartment.

Yesterday, Grandmary was with us for our trip to the Botanical Gardens. The outdoor areas were not yet in bloom, but we enjoyed the Climatron. I also enjoy saying Climatron. Sophia spent most of our time in the Climatron complaining about the heat. She's really a cold weather girl.

The Temperate House was -- well, it was more temperate. And it's by far my favorite. It feels English and Mediterranean at the same time.

In order to get our fix today, we headed to the zoo. We were bundled up, but Erick and I were not quite as stylishly bundled as Sophia.

In other news, Sophia has started to read. Apparently, when one begins to read, one wants to read everywhere. For example, one might want to read in the Sea Lion Tunnel. And a sea lion might just want to read with you!

Since Sophia had spent most of our zoo time either reading or climbing on rocks, we decided to add a trip to Turtle Park, where she could get her climb on.

P.S. Creaches look great in layers.

Ridiculously cute.

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