Monday, March 11, 2013

So close

Spring is so close I can hardly stand it. On mornings like this, especially. I can't enjoy being warm and cozy from a cold day when it's supposed to be a warm one. Oh well.

We enjoyed our day of spring on Saturday. Shopping, followed up by a trip to the driving range and putting green. Sophia and Erick had lots of fun with their golfing sticks, and I read my book and basked in what sun I could find.

Yesterday was spent inside: cleaning, sorting, playing. General Creach merriment. I know it's ridiculous, and everyone is tired of hearing it, but I hate Daylight Savings Time. Well, I hate that we go back in the fall. I like having more sun in the afternoon. I think it should always be this instead of Standard time. Why would we want to go back in the fall? What possible advantage could there be?

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