Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Old School

I have been going through all the stuff in our basement. That pretty much consists of Sophia's toys and my old pictures. It has made me a little sad that, with digital cameras, we don't print every picture we take. Doubles, actually. I used to always get doubles of everything. One for me and one for someone else or a frame.

This meant that as I was going through pictures, I was getting rid of at least one of everything. Even once the digital camera age arrived, it took me a while to stop printing at least one of everything. I guess I didn't trust the computer to actually store my memories reliably.

As Sophia was looking through the pictures with me, she sighed and said, "You didn't really take a lot of pictures of me as a baby, did you?" because all she was seeing were pictures of younger me and Erick and our friends and family pre-Sophia. The reason that is funny, as you can guess, is that I have literally (I'm using that correctly) taken thousands of pictures of Sophia. For the most part, however, these are safely in the computer and online. I did find a few books of pictures of baby Sophia, taken before I stopped printing every picture, and she was happy with that.

I can certainly see the value in digital storage of pictures, but I do miss flipping through a stack of pictures and having no idea if the one you were excited about turned out. The fact is, however, it rarely did turn out, and that's why I love my digital camera. Also, I love that we can click self-portraits all day and not settle for a blurry one. 


  1. We have literally been doing self-portraits for 15+ years. That shirt is from one of my best jobs ever, mowing on the golf course.

  2. They're so easy to do now that it's almost not fair. Maybe it's the practice. Or the ability to take 50 (figuratively) before choosing one.