Monday, February 23, 2009

Birthdays Galore!

This weekend was rife with celebration. Birthday celebrations all around!

It all started with a carefully planned and well executed celebration of Lori Mitchell's 40th. In her husband's words the "Best Unconventional, Progressive, Non-Surprise, Surprise Party." That sums it up. An afternoon of surprises for Lori ended at PS Gallery downtown for an evening of dancing:


and gifts:

Saturday included a celebration for Caroline Fretwell's very 1st birthday! Those are always wild times and this one was no disappointment. A passel of kids managed to do a great job of playing, eating and celebrating just in time to crash. Here is Caroline blowing out her candle with her beautiful mommy Lauren.

Sunday we celebrated the fourth birthday of Sophia's friend Jim. I didn't get any pictures of that event, but it was a good time. Dinosaurs and cars and lots of fun activities. Not to mention pizza, cake and ice cream. Sophia had a great time and so did we!


  1. "...a passel of kids..."

    I thought state law required blogs be written at a 6th grade reading level. You might want to check that out.


  2. Brian, at first glance, I thought you were challenging "passel's" existence as a word. I get that a lot and about half the time the challenge wins.

    Erick insists that you're saying it's too big a word to meet a 6th grade level maximum. If that's the case, sorry for my initial misinterpretation of your comment.

  3. I had not heard the word passel before, but knew better than the challenge its existence without looking it up.

    So yes, I was attempting (rather unsuccessully) to make the joke Erick went with.