Monday, February 9, 2009

Random Cuteness

Since Sophia's been back to herself, she has had A LOT to say about everything. So here are a few things that have caught my attention in the moment.

-The other morning, Sophia and I went out to McDonald's for breakfast. It was a yummy treat for both of us. Anyway, we sat in the booth in between the soda fountain and the bathroom. It's the ideal location for people watching, and we're both experts. As an older lady walked out of the bathroom, I looked up just in time to see Sophia throw her a big thumb's up! I was disappointed that the lady didn't notice, but when Sophia saw me laughing, she said, "I told her 'Go ahead!'"

-Transitions are our biggest battle right now. I have lots of horror stories about trying to get Sophia's coat on or diaper changed or trying to go somewhere, but those aren't funny. One morning when we got in the van, she looked up at a smiley face sticker on the back of my headrest and said, "Stop smiling at me, Smiley Face!" She repeated it several times until she decided the sticker was not listening. I guess she didn't get his sense of humor.

-The same day, Sophia was sitting in the van with Lulu reading a book when we stopped at a stoplight. When the van stopped, Lulu fell on the ground. Sophia yelled, "Van! Stop crashing my Lulu down! She could hurt herself!"

-Whispering is one of Sophia's new favorites. She loves to whisper, especially to Lulu. They will be whispering secrets back and forth for a long time in her tent or on my bed. Sometimes Lulu is even funny and cracks Sophia up!

-I'm starting to see a pattern here, are you? Many of Sophia's favorite activities involve imaginary friends and enemies. Hmmm.

-The best one was a deeper than expected discussion about trusting God. Last week, we had a Veggie Tales movie from the library about Gideon and trusting God. She brought it up one day by mentioning that we have to trust God, and Erick and I encouraged a discussion about it. I asked her if she knew that God loved her even more than the great big amount that Mommy and Daddy did. She said no and sat thinking for a few minutes. Then she said, "I can trust my mommy and my daddy, and that's how I can trust God!" Wow. I think that's the entire job of parenting right there. Just don't screw it up for God.


  1. She's one very smart girl!!! All you told is so cute and to read how she figure out the trust thing - wow. I was like in my 40's when I figured it out.