Saturday, February 7, 2009

First Trip to the Zoo in 2009


Temperatures today reached in the mid 60's! We were so excited by the promise of a warmer day that we decided to head to one of our favorite spots - the St. Louis Zoo.

Sophia was beside herself! We just watched Madagascar 2 again last night, so she had all the zoo animals fresh in her imagination.

It was a perfect day to stroll around the zoo, and we knew that we wouldn't be the only ones with that idea. The zoo was probably as crowded as it has ever been on the second weekend in February. Of course, Erick and I love crowds, and Sophia thrives on them too.

Chimps are really gross. I won't tell you all the things this guy did as Sophia looked on.

One of my favorite things is how these giant wild cats behave almost exactly as your average house cat. This ferocious tiger was stretched on the edge of his habitat, and I just pictured the America's Funniest Video clips of housecats falling off during their sleep.

Timing was such that Sophia couldn't stay awake the entire time, so she took a little snooze on Erick's shoulder before we left.

It was a great way to spend a FEBRUARY Saturday! I still can't believe it. After all the harsh winter weather we've had, it was such a treat to enjoy the fresh air (away from the apes) with my family.
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  1. Looks awesome! Nice work on taking advantage of the great weather. I bet the zoo was, well, a zoo. Heh heh.

    I agree, the chimps are disgusting. On our last visit, one chimp was plucking hair out of his back, looking at it intently, and then eating it. He did it over and over and over again. Fiber, I guess?