Monday, February 2, 2009

Great Finish to a long month; Great Start for a short one

January was one of the longest months I have ever had the privilege to live through. I don't know why, but that's definitely a fact. So I was pleased to bid it farewell. The month ended in good style for us, though, so that was fun. We started by celebrating our neighbor Ernie's birthday on Thursday evening. I had a new recipe for white chili. It was so good that I can't wait to make it again. It may even happen this week!

Sophia helped make Ernie's cake, and she was particularly proud of it. I was slightly worried when I realized (after the cake was in the oven) that my canola oil expired before Sophia was born. Apparently that's not a problem. We didn't get sick and the cake was gone before I got my second piece!

Saturday was our chance to get outside for a few moments before winter caught up with us again. It was great just to wander around taking in some fresh air. It's amazing how stifling recycled air can become, even before you notice!

Our Saturday evening was spent with our friends/Erick's co-worker's family, Matt, Kate and Jim. Jim was Sophia's first love. You can catch up on that endearing story HERE. They had a really great time together again. Here they are making their own pizza. Sophia would pile cheese on top of any topping that Jim would place on the pizza, he'd top off her pile of cheese with another topping, and the cycle continued. So Kate flattened out the cheese mountain and it turns out they made a pretty good pizza together!

Sophia did sneak in a good night kiss before we left, but Jim was sleeping so he'll have no memory of their first kiss.

Super Sunday was so super relaxing for us that I didn't even bother to record it. Sophia stayed in her pajamas until lunch. We ate and played and hung out with David, Casey and the boys all day. It was really great. I was disappointed in the outcome of the game, but mostly just for Kurt Warner.

Hopefully since February is off to such a great start, it's a good indicator. If you just heard something, that's me knocking on wood.

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