Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Another Lulu - Different Species

Each time we go to Walmart and let Sophia look at toys, she gets hung up on the same one. Ironically, her name is Lulu. Maybe it's fate. She's a Furreal cat. She meows, moves, and whatnot. Honestly, if I can get Sophia to stop meowing, I'd do it... Lulu is $50. Because she's been so consistent about this, and because I love to open up problems for no apparent reason, I thought I'd use this as a learning opportunity. I told her about doing chores for money and I told her she could sell some toys (probably back to us, but she doesn't need to know that). So she's been all about making this happen. She vacillates between, "Can I get this tomorrow?" to "It will probably be two years, right, Mommy?"

So it's an interesting experiment. Let me know if you need to buy some toys or if you have some child labor to help a kid get a fake pet...

1 comment:

  1. Lol I just love this one! I wish I lived closer I'd certainly hire her for something or buy a toy or two!