Friday, April 23, 2010

Longest Week on Record

Honestly, I can say that this has been the biggest waste of a week in my life. Well, maybe there have been bigger wastes, but I don't remember them. Monday I went in for a biopsy on an area on my nose that was worrying me because it acted just like the spot on my forehead from a couple of years ago. He decided to biopsy three areas on my face instead. The good news is that only the one I originally went in for is cancer. So, that's good news.

Monday night, I came down with a fever. Tuesday, Erick (my knight in shining armor) came home early so I could sleep the rest of the day. Wednesday and Thursday passed like blurs of groaning and pain. Achiness, nausea, fever, then a sore throat to make other sore throats feel like a soothing experience. Anyway, that's not the point. I have been down under this sickness, and I'm sick of it. Even though my throat still makes it hard to swallow, and it even makes it hard to breathe, for that matter, I am taking my attitude to a happier place.

This post is my declaration to this sickness that it can kiss my ass. That's all I needed to say. Thanks for listening. I am now going to be cheery.


  1. LJ, such a bummer! And it's strange; I had the exact same thing this week, except for the nausea. In fact, in the midst of my 103 degree fever, I downed a chicken salad sandwich and some fruit (much to Erica's amazement)... I still have the sore throat and slight cough; is yours getting any better?

    So, I'll join you in the declaration to the sickness: kiss BOTH our asses.

  2. I support and encourage telling off the sickness, I think you're doing a great job so far so keep staying in your happy place.